Is your studio sterilized? Do you pay attention to safety and hygiene rules?

Nowadays nearly all of the equipment used in tattooing are disposable and sterilized. That is to say used equipment are held in a medical waste container and send to relevant institutions for disposal. But this is not the only factor that is necessary for your health. The tattoo artist must also pay attention. I wrap up all of the non-disposable equipment (tattoo machine and its cables, table, adaptor, etc...) that I use in disposable plastic bags which are specifically produced for them. Especially while I am wearing my sterilized gloves I don't touch anywhere in the studio except disposable materials. All the equipment that I will be needing are always prepared before the work.

Do not forget! I pay attention to my own health as well because it is significant to have a sterilized place where I also work all day. The artist who respects their own health will also respect yours.

Are inks harmful to human health?

I use worldwide known brands. They all have international certificates. According to studies, tattoos don't cause any health problems, yet picking an artist still plays a big role. A good one won't risk it. It is not possible to get infected by inks but the artist shouldn't touch anywhere while they are wearing gloves. It may risk someone else's health. Please take care.

I have no idea but I want a tattoo! What should I do?

"I want to have a tattoo but don't know which one, on where, big or small?" Well, I want you to know that I can't help with that. Because I can't know what do you like.

Is there a catalog? Can I see?

No, I don't use a catalog. I do custom designs and I would like to do in my style. But of course I will do your favorite movie character as well!

Why should I pay more to you while there are cheaper studios?

The tattoo isn't a requirement you have to have, your life won't change. If you care about aesthetics and want a great tattoo from a good artist you should understand that professionals will keep the price high naturally. You can choose the cheaper one but don't forget that if you regret your tattoo, covering it up will cost more or it may be something I might not want to do. Laser treatment? It is more expensive and painful! And results may be disappointing but sure you can give it a try.

Do you do all types of tattoos?

Realistic, hyper realistic, traditional, black and greys are my favorites that I really enjoy. I don't like small or minimal tattoos. Generally, I can't accept minimal and little vectoral designs due to being busy with my own work. But if you ask nicely I won't refuse. What I am trying to say is being exposed to questions like "Can you do this? Can you do it as same as on the picture? Will the colors be like this?" It is rude, please don't ask these questions to tattoo artists and check their work before you contact. If you have doubts about your artist just find another one.

What is the best age to get a tattoo?

It is not possible for people under the age of 18 to get a tattoo without their parents' knowledge and it is not enough to say "They know it". Parents must agree by signing papers. But it is still better to be patient because most of the decisions we've made in our teens result in regrets.

I have allergies, what should I do?

You should see the doctor and undergo a test before you get inked. Because I won't test it by putting a dot on your skin to see whether you have allergies or not because results may not be certain. But I have done lots of tattoos by this time and I haven't faced any serious allergic reactions.

Does it hurt?

Yes it does and it depends on the style of the tattoo. Every part of your body have a different threshold of pain and it differs for each gender. Some people claim to feel a lot of pain even for the smallest of tattoos while others claim not to feel any pain at all for larger works. Also pain may be a result of a tattoo artist using the needle inefficiently and causing the ink to be pushed into the deeper layers of skin than required.

How to get an appointment?

Firstly, you can get information by calling or sending an e-mail before you get to the studio I will try my best to answer all of your questions. After you decide to get a tattoo we arrange an appointment but mostly the book is full which means you can probably get your appointment in the forthcoming weeks or months. Then, you will be asked for a deposit and in the event of cancelling the appointment you won't get your money back. You can postpone the appointment as long as you inform 10 days earlier.

I want a custom design. What should I do?

I will try to design your tattoo as you please and send the drawings to your e-mail or if you wish to see it on the screen you can visit the studio as well. I consider your requests for small changes but it is not possible to change the whole design. It will end up with cancellation and deposit will be kept. So it is good to preview my previous designs.

Does it bleed?

Absolutely not much! There will be just little drop of blood and most of the time you won't see anything. If you have bled a lot before it is probably because of a bad tattoo artist or equipment.

Before you pick the tattoo artist;
  1. Determine what you like. For instance: Realistic, traditional, etc...
  2. View their previous works.
  3. Don't trust the ones doing their job only for money.
Are there long lasting temporary tattoos (1-2 years)?

I do not know for real. But I heard things done using the equipment of permanent makeup, which I don't recommend because of the spots it leaves.

Do you do temporary tattoos?

No, I do not.

Does bodybuilding affect tattoos?

There won't be dramatic changes unless there is a rapid weight gain/loss or muscle build that is extremely bigger than it used to be.

Do you anesthetize?

There are many creams but I don't recommend them because there may be redness on the skin or allergies. I heard that some tattoo artists making local anesthesia. It's not even a matter of discussion for me to do that. It is illegal and it’s a doctors' job.

Tattoos for covering up scars

No scar will go away. We can only redirect the attention to the tattoo. No doubt it will look better!

How to Prepare for a Tattoo?

Hydrate yourself: Before you go to get tattooed, make sure that you are well hydrated. Drink lots of water for the 24 hours before your tattoo and avoid dehydration. How much water you need to drink to be well hydrated will depend on your specific body. While some experts recommend eight glasses a day, your body may need more than that amount. Well hydrated skin will be in better condition for getting tattooed. This means that the surface of the skin will take the ink easier, making tattoo application easier than it would be on dehydrated skin.
Avoid thinning your blood: In order to limit your bleeding, you should avoid products that thin your blood for 24 hours before getting a tattoo. This means that you should avoid alcohol before getting a tattoo. Also, avoid taking aspirin for the 24 hours before a tattoo. Aspirin has a blood thinning effect, so being on aspirin will make your tattoo bleed more.
Eat before your appointment: It is important that you have enough food before your appointment so that you don't get light headed while getting a tattoo. The pain of a tattoo is bad enough, you don't want to add lightheadedness or passing out into the mix. Having low blood sugar can increase the physical reaction to a tattoo, making you more likely to pass out from the pain. Eating a solid meal before your appointment will give you the energy and stamina to withstand the pain of getting a tattoo. It does not matter what you eat exactly, as long as it gives you the sustenance you will be needing to get through the appointment. Eating a meal high in protein instead of sugar will sustain you longer. If you are having an extremely long tattoo appointment, bring a quick snack, like a granola bar, with you. Your tattoo artist will be happy to take a quick break so that you can stay nourished.

  • I don't do works done by other artists.
  • Smoking isn't allowed in the studio.
  • Haggling about a price is the part of being a human, but please don't exaggerate.
  • Please don't ask for prices via e-mail.
  • Please don't ask the location of the studio, it is already written.