I was born in 1991 in Trabzon. I graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Ceramics .During my education, while continuing my work in painting, sculpture and ceramics, which I still actively continue I gained an interest in tattooing and realized it excited me more. After I had bought my first tattoo machine in 2014 I was continuously tattooing and I was relaxing by telling the stories in my mind on human body. After a while, having tattooed in every style with enjoyment, I realized that I enjoyed tattooing in the styles of realism, surrealism and neo-traditionalism, to which I felt closer more and decided to improve myself on those styles. When I realized that the best moments, the most valuable words and paintings cannot fit in a single catalogue and models that became "Kitsch" do not always give happiness, I wanted to revitalize them by adding colors and started to include drawings of custom design. I was 23 years old when I decided to open my studio in 2015 in Ankara and I still continue to create my own drawings and tattoos with the happiness of having my own studio.


First of all I need to say that every tattoo artist may have their own method for tattoo aftercare.
My recommended method is as follows:

I apply a medical band a short time after the tattoo is finished. This band will stay on the tattooed area as instructed (4 or 5 days depending on the style of the tattoo). You can take a shower during that period because the band keeps the area safe from external factors such as bacteria. After the stated number of days end you should remove the medical band and use the approved tattoo aftercare cream I will recommend 3 times a day for a month in the required amount. If you feel your skin dries more often you can increase this number to 4 or 5. This cream not only provides efficient contribution to healthy healing process of your tattoo but also maintains color pigments and helps the tattoo preserve its good appearance if it is used regularly.

I never recommend creams like Vaseline or Bepanthol. Vaseline makes it easier to get infected due to petroleum content. On the other hand Bepanthol tries to repair the wounded area as quick as possible which means it can cause the color pigments to fade.

You must keep it away from the sun at least for a month and avoid going to crowded places where people usually go such as sea, pools and sauna. Tattooed area will itch a lot in the process of healing, just don't scratch.

“Best and most talented tattoo professional ever.”


I just got a 3/4 sleeve from Melek. She is a freehand Polynesian master, the best in the states. She and his family provide a wonderful tattoo experience. I can't relay how pleased I am. Mahalo.

"5 yıldız"


O yetenekli dövme sanatçısı. Sonuçtan çok memnun kalacaksınız. Melek'i şüphesiz tavsiye ederim !!!!!

"Amsterdam'da döndüğümde tekrar ziyaret ettiğim ilk yer olacak."


O harika bir kadın ve çalışmalarına bayılıyorum. Çok iyi çizemediğim için berbat bir çizimle geliyorum ve sanata çeviriyor. Sevdiğim, kafamda gördüğüm şeyi söyleyebilmem, vizyonum ve onu istediğim gibi çeviriyor olması. Acele edilmemeli. Yani acele etmeyecek.